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08 August 2018

Dævvskævv's Episode Four was just released

Dævvskævv's Episode Four album is out! You'll find it using your favorite download and/or streaming services.

Episode Four:

In the near future, somewhere on a planet that you used to have fun raping, Dævvskævv-chan travels the scorched remains of wilderness. In what used to be a forest, he spots a rare, two-headed seagull.

Cecilie Langlie: Vocals.
Tom Simonsen: Vocals, guitars, bass, various synths, tape machines, drums and programming.
Steed Fairway: Delivering quotes on Trump Takes a Dump (And Tries to Pardon Himself)
Mira Ursic: Violins.

Cover artwork by Odd Henning Skyllingstad.

© 2018 Dævvskævv.
Arranged, recorded, mixed, mastered and produced by Tom Simonsen at the Secret Quarters studios.
Released by Secret Quarters Records.

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