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15 February 2012

The new Havnatt EP has been released!

Havnatt's new Havdøgn EP is out, people! It should start showing up in various stores and places in the coming hours. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and/or Google+ to get all the latest updates. Then go get your copy!

A huge thanks to everyone who pre-ordered! All pre-ordered copies have been sent and should be well on their way.

All the best
The Secret Quarters people

01 February 2012

Havnatt's new EP is available for pre-order now!

Pre-order away, people! We just made pre-ordering of Havnatt's new Havdøgn EP available through our website.

The total price for one copy of this new EP plus worldwide shipping is the incredible, low-low, no-brainer price of just €11.99! When you make your order you'll also be able to write down your special requests that will be forwarded directly to Cecilie and Tom of Havnatt. If you want to have your copy signed or dipped in Oslo's winter snow (just a couple of examples); your wish is about to come true!

The Havdøgn EP releases for real on February 15. All pre-orders will be shipped a few days ahead of that date.

All the best
The Secret Quarters people