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27 October 2015

Skumring's De Glemte Tider (Remastered) album releases 11.11.2015!

We just set the release date for a remastered version of Skumring's legendary De Glemter Tider album.

This album was originally released back in 2005, now ten years ago. As such, this release celebrates this album's ten year anniversary by releasing a version of the album with better sonics, as well as making it available for sale again. The previous print sold out a long time ago. In addition, the album has never been (legally) available through any of the streaming/download services out there.

De Glemte Tider (Remastered) releases through all major streaming/download services (and then some) as well as being available in CD format.

We're including a photo from our test printing process to go along with this post. Making high quality test prints is essential when you want to make sure that the artwork turns out as intended.