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25 September 2012

Havnatt's "Var je solblesten" has been released!

Var je solblesten - Cover art
Originally uploaded by Havnatt
Havnatt's new single entitled "Var je solblesten" is now available worldwide through the magic of digital distribution!

Here's just a few of the places where you'll be able to check it out or get your copy:

09 September 2012

New Havnatt single releases September 25!

Artwork in progress
Originally uploaded by Havnatt
We are releasing Havnatt's new single in just a little bit more than two weeks from now! The track is called Var je solblesten and has been taken from the upcoming album entitled Etterlatte. A special version of this track has been created for this single release and the track will show up in a slightly different version on the Etterlatte album, when that album releases some time next year.

The single will be released through digital distribution only, and we do not intend to make any physical copies of this single available for sale. The Etterlatte album will be available on CD as well as digital distro when it arrives.

Today's photo shows a tiny bit of some of the artwork that is in the process of being created for the Etterlatte album. The artwork is being done by the talented Robert Høyem.