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31 July 2013

Havnatt's Etterlatte album pre-orders are available right now!

Just as promised, you can now pre-order your copy of Havnatt's brand new Etterlatte album, right this very minute! Make your order by using the "Buy now" button next to the Etterlatte release at

The Etterlatte album releases worldwide on August 15th. All pre-orders will be sent well ahead of that date.

29 July 2013

Etterlatte album and Havnatt Double Pack pre-orders

Havnatt's new Etterlatte album will be available for pre-order starting August 1st. (The worldwide release happens on August 15th.) But that's not all! Also possible starting August 1st: The pre-ordering of the Havnatt Double Pack! This will land you the Havndøgn EP and the Etterlatte album as parts of one neat little package.

The Havnatt Double Pack will be available for order and/or pre-order from the Secret Quarters website. Free shipping to every corner of the world, of course.

The Etterlatte album will also be available for pre-sale on iTunes starting August 1st! So if you prefer a digital download to a CD, why not head over there to get your copy and to be able to download one of the album's tracks right away.

10 July 2013

Havnatt's Etterlatte album releases on August 15th!

All the CD copies of Havnatt's brand new album entitled Etterlatte just got delivered, and we almost can't wait to start getting them out the door. The release will happen worldwide on August 15th, and we'll be accepting pre-orders starting August 1st! Pre-orders can be made through the Secret Quarters website.

In addition - also starting August 1st - we'll be doing a pre-sale of the Etterlatte album through iTunes. If you pre-order the album through iTunes you'll be able to download one of the album's 12 tracks two weeks ahead of release.

The CD version of the album comes with a beautifully crafted 28 page booklet with hand drawn illustrations for each of the tracks. Tormod Skagestad's original lyrics have also been reprinted in the booklet with permission from the Skagestad family.