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31 December 2011

New Havnatt EP releases February 15, 2012

We can finally announce the release date for the upcoming Havdøgn EP from Havnatt. The EP will be released world-wide on February 15, 2012. We'll make pre-ordering available through our website very soon.

A happy new year to everyone!

06 December 2011

Half price on Omit's Repose album in December

Buy Omit's Repose album for only €9.99 throughout December! This includes shipping to wherever you're located on the planet. Order directly from our website by visiting

19 November 2011

News on Havnatt and Vagrant God

We're happy to announce that Havnatt will be re-releasing their extremely rare Havdøgn EP on Secret Quarters! The EP was originally released by Havnatt in 2006, and back then very few copies were made.

The Secret Quarters version of the Havdøgn EP will contain a complete remix and remaster of the original Havdøgn tracks plus two completely new bonus tracks. Expect a release of this one early in 2012.

It's also very possible that we'll be able to release more of Havnatt's new material in 2012...

Speaking of releases and their timing. We've decided to push the release of the Vagrant God album to 2012 as well. Omit's Repose album has done very well this far, and we've come to realize that we need a bit more time between releases. No cause for alarm, though, as the Vagrant God album is completed and done. We just need to find a good window for its release.

All the best
The Secret Quarters people

09 October 2011

Kjetil Ottersen interview

Kjetil Ottersen recently did an interview with American webzine Sorrow Eternal on the making of 'Repose', amongst other things:

All the best
The Secret Quarters people

01 September 2011

Omit's Repose album has been released!

The ambitious Repose double album is finally out there! A lot of you have already pre-ordered, and the CDs should be well on their way to you by now.

The album can still be ordered directly from us, right here, and soon it will start popping up in all sorts of places. We'll keep you posted on where it pops up, and when.

All the best
The Secret Quarters people

24 August 2011

Pre-order Omit's Repose album now!

It is now possible to pre-order Omit's ambitious double debut album from our website. Head over to to reserve your copy of Repose today! The album releases on September 1.

All the best
The Secret Quarters people

20 August 2011

The Repose CDs just arrived from the factory

Fresh from the factory
Originally uploaded by Omit
Unfortunately, some technical problems arose at the factory that was printing and pressing the copies of the Repose album, but the CDs finally did arrive last Thursday - just in time for us to be able to stick to the September 1 release date. Fortunate for us and for everyone else waiting for this release.

Starting August 25 you'll all be able to pre-order the Repose album from! That's, in other words, on Thursday next week. Make sure to set aside some time for that in your busy schedules. We'll open the store at midnight (Norwegian time, of course).

All the best
The Secret Quarters people

07 August 2011

Another clip from Omit's Repose album

Here's what Omit are reporting from their blog and website today:

"And this week's new clip is...

... a section from the track called "Fatigue". This track appears as the second track on disc one of (the CD version of) the Repose album. The clip features, among other things, a violin lead nicely executed by Mira Ursic, the great vocals of Cecilie Langlie and the lyrics of the late Einar Fredriksen.

You can find this week's clip right here!

The Repose album is headed for a worldwide release on Secret Quarters on September 1, 2011."


All the best
The Secret Quarters people

28 July 2011

Counting down with another clip

Omit are reporting the following through their blog and website today:

"We're continuing to count down to the September 1 release of the "Repose" album with uploading some more stuff to the web. This week, we're making available a clip from the third track of the CD version - a track that has been named "Dissolve". We haven't uploaded any clips from this track previously, so this should be entirely new, even for those of you that have been following us since way back in the promo days.

The clip can be checked out right here."

All the best
The Secret Quarters people

19 July 2011

New clip from Omit's "Repose" album

Omit just made available an almost two minutes long clip from the track named "Constriction", from the upcoming "Repose" album. (The release date has been set for September 1.) The clip can be checked out right here! Enjoy!

All the best
The Secret Quarters people

12 July 2011

Omit's "Repose" album releases on September 1

We can finally make it official! Omit's long awaited, double debut album - containing 85 minutes of music - will be released by Secret Quarters on September 1, 2011. More details about the release of "Repose" - and how to order it - will be revealed leading up to the release.

All the best
The Secret Quarters people

06 July 2011

Vagrant God update

Vagrant God just updated their blog and website, writing about "an actual, factual, no-one's-getting-cheated-this-time release". Head on over to their website or blog to read it all!

All the best
The Secret Quarters people

15 April 2011

Some more info, as promised

We are currently at work getting our business in order, writing and signing various contracts and - most importantly of all - planning the upcoming releases for 2011.

At the moment we are planning no less than three releases. These include the long-awaited "Repose" double album by Omit, and the equally long-awaited, self-titled album by Vagrant God. The third one - and we're hoping to release this one quite soon as well - is a new EP from Havnatt.

More details on each one of these releases will follow in future posts. We might also be able to give you some release dates in a little while...

All the best
The Secret Quarters people

16 January 2011

Making ourselves ready

At the moment we're working on getting all technicalities in order. Various websites and profiles are being created, including our main site, We're still not quite ready to make any announcements yet, even though you might be able to make something out from what we've made available on our main website this far...

We'll be back with some more info soon.

All the best
The Secret Quarters people