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10 September 2016

Secret Quarters Records 5th anniversary giveaway update

To celebrate the November 15 release of Havnatt's new Heimferd album, we're updating the Secret Quarters Records 5th anniversary giveaway. You can now also win a copy of the Heimferd album, in addition to the eight other releases! Don't forget to participate!

Havnatt's Heimferd releases on November 15th

We're proud to announce that we'll be releasing Havnatt's new full length album on November 15th.

Heimferd is the full length album follow-up to Havnatt’s critically acclaimed album entitled Etterlatte (2013). This time, the duo of Cecilie Langlie and Tom Simonsen employ a larger studio orchestra to achieve the sound they're seeking.

Cecilie Langlie: Vocals.
Tom Simonsen: Guitars, bass, upright bass, drums, percussion and programming.
Mira Ursic: Lots of violin overdubs.
Rosamund Brown: Lots of cello overdubs.
SQV Wind Ensemble: Wind instruments.
Pär Küsjoun: Various percussion.

Composed by Havnatt.
Arranged and produced by Tom Simonsen.
Lyrics by Tormod Skagestad.

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Tom Simonsen at the Secret Quarters studios.
Released by Secret Quarters Records.
Artwork by Robert Høyem.
Design by Tom Simonsen.