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19 November 2011

News on Havnatt and Vagrant God

We're happy to announce that Havnatt will be re-releasing their extremely rare Havdøgn EP on Secret Quarters! The EP was originally released by Havnatt in 2006, and back then very few copies were made.

The Secret Quarters version of the Havdøgn EP will contain a complete remix and remaster of the original Havdøgn tracks plus two completely new bonus tracks. Expect a release of this one early in 2012.

It's also very possible that we'll be able to release more of Havnatt's new material in 2012...

Speaking of releases and their timing. We've decided to push the release of the Vagrant God album to 2012 as well. Omit's Repose album has done very well this far, and we've come to realize that we need a bit more time between releases. No cause for alarm, though, as the Vagrant God album is completed and done. We just need to find a good window for its release.

All the best
The Secret Quarters people