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04 March 2018

Omit's Medusa Truth Part 2 album releases on 13 April

It's with great pleasure that we can finally announce that Omit's new album is almost upon us. The release date was just set for 13 April 2018, so make sure to update your calendars.

We've also decided to start handling those pre-orders right away, so that everyone's able to head over here to secure a physical copy of the first print of this release.

Make your pre-order of Medusa Truth Part 2.

As we're sure most of you have guessed, Medusa Truth Part 2 is the follow-up to the ambitious Medusa Truth Part 1, released back in late November of 2014.

The music for Medusa Truth Part 2 was written around the same time as Part 1, in 2014 and early 2015, but since the Omit members were also busy with (lots of) other musical projects during this time, the recordings didn’t get started until 2017. The recordings were completed over a few sessions in the last half of 2017 and got set for an early 2018 release window.

We're sure that you'll find that Omit's music continues to evolve with the release of this latest album. Medusa Truth Part 2 certainly contains the heavy, melodic, orchestral and dynamic type of doom metal that Omit have become known for.

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